Grant Recipients

Since 2004, PRD Charities, Inc. has given thousands of dollars to existing breast cancer organizations in Alaska. Funds raised through grants, auctions, and sponsorships are donated for Alaskan Breast Cancer research, education, advocacy and patient relief. PRD donates 100% funds raised by the Pink Ribbon Days silent auction.

Past Grant Recipients include:

  • Affinity Films Inc. (film production of Alaska breast cancer patients) 2007
  • Alaska Breast Cancer Advocacy Partners (ABCAP) 2004-2008
  • Alaska Cancer Care Alliance, 2007
  • Alaska Cancer Research and Education Center 2005, 2006

Breast Cancer Patient Comfort Bags

In addition to giving 100% of silent auction funds raised to established Alaskan breast cancer organizations, PRD Charities, Inc. has volunteers who annually assemble and distribute about 400 “comfort bags” to breast cancer patients in Alaska.
In addition to giving 100% of silent auction funds raised to established.
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Compassionate Giving Program

«One of my most pleasant experiences with handing out these gift cards…was with a young father who has two teenage children. Due to his treatments, and the side effects of chemotherapy, he was unable to work. His condition steadily worsened, and he was placed on hospice. The whole family was involved in helping care for this patient. Yet through it all he remained upbeat and positive… He and his wife broke down into tears when they received the gift card. They expressed to me that with so many medical bills, and growing teenage children in the home, money was tight for groceries. They stated they had been praying mightily for a way to be able to go to the store and get groceries for the upcoming week. In giving him this card, he was able to supplement his grocery bill, and were both very appreciative.»

— Jamie Clark, RN, October 2009