Network Administration

Servers, terminals, applications - we know it

Network Management by Alaska Tech SupportAlaska Tech Support has a unique approach to network management that will benefit your organization, reduce your technology support expense budget, and have your network operating to its fullest stable potential. We offer a network deployment pack and remote network administration, although we are available for in person technical assistance as well. With our custom approach to your network management,  we offer not only support desk 7 days a week but also reports, and a lot of them.

Know your inventory report, see up-to-date information on your devices, up-to-date warranty tracking, inventory your NAS devices, easy to use Active Directory management, reset account passwords, and much more.

If your organization is running a very specific application pertaining to your field of business (Ex: Law offices, Dental offices, Investment organizations, etc.) we might refer you to other professionals in the Anchorage area from our partner referral list program who have experience or certification to support your product.

Office wiring by Alaska Tech SupportWhether your company is setting up a new office or remodeling and renovating your existing business location we can help you with a stress free technology move around, and setup. We will test your connection, network speeds, and optimize your equipment to for the optimal speed as part of the process.

Many companies have multiple satellite offices or have associates that have an option to access business network from home. We can improve and secure that type of connection using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.

Wifi network setup diagnostics by Alaska Tech SupportWireless networks are common in the work place and home but often lack security. We can setup and optimize wireless networks for custom granted access and constant connectivity.

How are your computers today? Slowing down or crashing lately? Do you know if your entire network is fine tuned to its best? Are all devices and network applications running properly? Alaska Tech Support offers a comprehensive evaluation of your computer network and examines how it can be optimized and secured. We can upgrade your servers, terminals, external devices, or recommend new peripherals per your request.

Data backup by Alaska Tech SupportHow is your data backed up? Is it a cloud or off site back up plan? Do you have a data disaster recovery plan in place? Backups of your business data are a top priority.

Alaska Tech Support has an affordable, easy for you and your associates, effective, and secure way to backup and protect your valuable data. Depending on your business and how you operate, a number of different backup solutions can be offered.

Virus, spamware, malware removal by Alaska Tech SupportDid you know that some free based anti virus systems are not capable to catch 100% of viruses or even   defend your computer completely?  Do you know when was the last time your computer had a full scan for virus signatures?

Alaska Tech support can detect, remove and secure your system against viruses, worms, spyware and unwanted software accidentally or purposely installed on your system for purposes you are not aware of.



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