WordPress Website Design

Why choose WordPress platform for your website

WordPress Design Anchorage AlaskaFirst of all, WordPress CMS (content management system) is an Open Source Software, this means that core software if free to download and use, this encourages innovation and creates a community, willing to share its knowledge.

Although, we specialize in custom WordPress theme design, platform itself does offer simple yet clean and clear ready to go designs and simple functionality. We want your website to shine with custom applications, functionality and allow your website to work for your business not just sit there as an online business card.

Plugins are additional functionality to WordPress sites, there are free ones and there are premium paid ones. Depending on your request, we can find a solution to satisfy the goal and your organization’s budget requirements.

This specific CMS is very easy to navigate in the administrative panel if you had experience working in Word processor or any other text and image software you will be just fine editing your website after we’ve created bells and whistles and completed your personalized training for the end product.

We look forward working with you, give us a call today to discuss.

Few Examples:

Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation - Designed by Alaska Tech Support, WordPress CMS
Medallion Foundation - Designed by Alaska Tech Support, WordPress CMS
Alaska Real Estate School - Designed by Alaska Tech Support, WordPress CMS
Salon DaVinci - Designed by Alaska Tech Support, WordPress CMS